What is natural pHuel?

I hear that question & will hope to share some answers…. natural pHuel is a space I created in 2008, originally as the home of the Southside Virginia chapter of the Holistic Moms Network – a national non-profit dedicated to helping improve the world through our health & the health of the planet. It’s transformed […]

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Swizzy & Infusions

I came across a recipe for switchel (aka Haymaker’s Punch) & have made it my own – I make it daily, usually. Use a quart jar, fill from your tap-I share a blessing of peace, Health & love while it fills, add 2 T apple cider vinegar with the mother, 3 T honey, lid it […]

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What’s going on…..

An update: I recorded a piece for my job as Local Foods Program Assistant at WFLO – here it is…. A Conversation on Wellness with me at the Farmville Library- Saturday, 2/8, 1pm Open House at natural pHuel, 2/8, 3-6pm Heart of Virginia Buy Fresh Buy Local Social at natural pHuel, 2/8, 3-6pm

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Self-Health 101

When people ask me what I do, my first response is that I homeschool Gregory, my almost 8 year old. He is my first passion. My second is Jin Shin Jyutsu, the ancient Japanese Art of harmonizing the energies of the body. This energy work is a part of our daily lives and I am […]

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Our Health is in Our Hands

I feel I understand more everyday that our health is our greatest wealth… It is our responsibility to seek more health for ourselves, our families & our communities. In August I plan to focus on the Art of Awareness, of ourselves & our world. Together we can rise like flood waters & make some changes […]

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Local Roots Food Coop

      The Center for Rural Culture’s Local Roots Food Co-op is designed to connect family owned and operated farms and businesses with customers in search of local food year round. It’s your online Farmers’ Market! The program works on a weekly buying cycle with orders opening Friday at NOON and closing Monday MIDNIGHT. […]

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looking at the landfill…

 an omniscient view of the amelia dump… (note: the pines on the right lower corner are on the property we live on) landfill lasagna or giant zen garden… this is covering the black square near center of the photo above, the newest ‘cell’ in the landfill – the closest to us unearthing to get cover […]

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